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When you’re at Farm View Apple  Ranch you’re in an ecosystem that’s both farm and forest. The apple orchard has been organic for 20 years and Tom Noble has been growing great veggies on the land for 10 years.

Armstrong Valley Farm grows organic vegetables

at Forest View  Ranch

Tom Noble of Armstrong Valley Farm has been growing his farmer’s market organic vegetables at Forest View Apple Ranch for over 10 years. Tom is the ultimate in farm to table cooks. Just ask him what he’s been eating and you will know the pick of the crop!

He started growing eight different kinds of garlic when garlic maven Chester Aaron told him 90% of our garlic comes from China. His farm is located just outside Armstrong Woods near Guerneville. Every season he grows several varieties of each item. His produce list includes: lettuce, carrots, kohlrabi,potatoes, garlic, squash,kale, chard, collards, broccoli, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and basil.

Winter is a time when hens lay fewer eggs but Tom Noble has free range chicken and plenty of eggs. He also has potatoes, garlic and other seasonal vegetables.

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Armstrong Valley Farm produce served at these Restaurants:

The Farmhouse Inn Restaurant >


Noble’s harvest is diverse. Currently, he has several varieties of sweet and hot peppers, including Padrons; several varieties of summer squash; three types of beets; white, yellow and orange carrots; yellow and red onions; broccoli; butter lettuce; garlic; Napa cabbage; kohlrabi; tomatoes; lemon cucumbers; kale… read more